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 in Pietrapertosa
 del 19/8/2010
 letto 14378 volte

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Pietrapertosa is a municipality in the province of Potenza is situated near the picturesque peaks of the Dolomites Lucane, is part of a circuit of most beautiful villages in Italy. Pietrapertosa shows how an old village that has managed to preserve the medieval appearance especially in the oldest part located at the foot of the castle keep, even today, the ancient name of Saracen "Arabat" characterized by narrow streets and blind alleys.

The typical single-family homes arranged in a file from top to bottom, fit the kind of terrain, and become part of the surrounding environment so that often assumes the function of the rock wall of the dwellings.

Pietrapertosa and the Dolomites Lucane
Visiting Pietrapertosa you feel that everything is adjusted depending on the rock, for example the numerous staircases, are examples of the symbiosis between the country, its inhabitants and the rock, the celebration of life that its territory can not refuse almost bursting massive presence of nature, but must make it part of the urban structure. Pietrapertosa takes its name from Petraperciata, meaning "pierced" by the presence of a rock drilled from side to side, and is the highest town in Basilicata, with its 1088 m above sea level, spread on the rocks of the Dolomites Lucanian well protected against incursions from the valley. This characteristic of natural fortress and the ability to dominate the valley of Basento have favored the presence of man since time immemorial.
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