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 del 19/8/2010
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Il Volo dell'Angelo

Above the Dolomites Lucane in the heart of Basilicata, a steel cable suspended between the peaks of two countries, and Castelmezzano Pietrapertosa allows you to make and live a unique experience: the Flight.

It is an attractor, a new concept, which allows use of innovative environmental heritage answering a new need and a new understanding of leisure and recreation, increasingly tended to seek new experiences and new emotions.

An adventure in contact with nature and with a unique landscape, discovering the true soul of the territory. Tied safely by a special harness and hooked to a steel cable to which the visitor can experience the thrill of flight and minutes will be left to slip into a fantastic adventure, only in Italy but also in the world for the beauty of the landscape and the maximum height of overflight.
Via Macchia S. Luca, 32 - 85100 Potenza (Pz) - Tel +39 0971 471636 - Fax +39 479461
info@fratellirenna.it - www.fratellirenna.it - P.IVA 00084960764

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